Kyoto Language exchange club

Item detail
name Sports and do some sightseeing club KOMURU
place cafe and rounge in kyoto
time every thirsday evening and sometimes on Sunday or Sunday
the number of people working people and students(mainly 20’s and 30’s)
fee Almost all the event is free.




We are a group of working people and students.
Most of us are twenties and thirties.
We hold Language exchange event every week and
sometimes play some sports and do some sightseeing.
We have a homely atmosphere.

【we are accepting a new members now.
give a welcome to foreigners.】

Please feel free to contact us.
contact form

【the number of times】

2~4times each month


Almost all the event is free.


sunny day

KAMOGAWA river・Kyoto Imperial Palace (Kyoto Gosho)・football square e.t.c.

name expenses image
Café Frosch about 1000yen 0508_01 3117453v
cafe HIDAMARI 500円~1000円 d0106134_0523279 SONY DSC
cafe SEED 500円~1500円 20121217_200605 20140523_082405000_iOS
thiater in vivi about 2000yen ダウンロード 26011568_3462_1

①Café Frosch


③cafe SEED

Please feel free to contact us.
contact form


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