Please read below before you send your entry form!

Questions about sending your entry form

Q.I did not receive the automatic reply.
A.Our mail may have been blocked by a filter. Please check your mail filters.
Q.Though I received the automatic email, I did not get an invitation.
A.There are so many applications to our group. So, we can not accept all applicants. We review each application and then contact the applicant if he or she has been accepted. Please fill out the entry form carefully.

About your language level

Q.I can not speak Japanese at all. Is that OK?
A.No problem! You can use English, Japanese, or a mixture of both.
Q.Can I learn Japanese?
A.If you can speak Japanese to a certain degree, you can use Japanese at our meetings. If you can not speak Japanese at all, please find some tutors in our group. We believe you can find a good language exchange partner.
Q.Though I am not a native English speaker, I can speak English quite well. Can I join KOMURU?
A.Sure, please join in our activities and introduce the culture of your country.

How to join?

Q.Can I attend meetings only when I am free?
A.Of course, feel free to join as your schedule permits.
Q.Can I be late for the meetings?
A.No problem.

Participation fees

Q.How much does it cost to join in the meetings?
A. It is free for oversea members, since the Japanese members pay for the room rented, web maintenance cost, and so on. Please join in the meetings as a volunteer English speaker.
Q.Can I be late for the meetings?
A.No problem.

About members

Q.What types of members participate in the meetings?
A. Our members come from varios backgrounds, e.g., public servants, office workers, students, artists, musicians, nurses, and so on. They are selected through a review of their entry forms and an interview. So, every participant has a lot of interest in speaking English and in learning about other cultures.


Q.Can I get to the meeting place by bike?
A. Sure, you can park it in the parking space of WINGS KYOTO. It is located on the north side of the building.