1,Northern Kyoto(Guide tour route)

Northern Kyoto

Hieizan temple


What you can see over there is Mt. Hiei.
More than 2000 year’s ago, buddhist priest named Saicho founded a temple I love, Enryakuji Temple.
Let’s go there today.
This is the Todo area which is very near the center of this Enryakuji temple complex.
And right in front of us is Konponchuudou which is undergoing some major renovations now but you can see pictures of it what actually looks like.
We have recieved special permissions to film here inside of konponchudo.
Who central figure of worship is Yakushinyoraizou who wears off sickness and disease.

This is the Daikoudou hall where we can see sutatues and portraits of many of the founders of different sects of buddhism here in japan like Hounen, Shinran, Eisai, Dougen and many many other.
And they all studied here at Enryakuji and then they found different sects of buddhism which are now all of japan.

In 1987 the first world summit of religious leaders was held here at Enryakuji.
And at that time of course the temple bell was rang and all religious leaders pray for world peace.

I want to ring the bell, too and pray for world peace.
This is a Sai-to area. Such a deep forest, such a feeling of tranquility walking here.

This is Ninai-dou. The name Ninai-dou comes from carry or bear the burden. Benkei Japanese famous caracter actually lifted and carry 2 temples over his sholders.From Ninai-dou we come from a stair way flanked on both side by cedar trees leading to Shakadou which is main building of Sai-to erea.
Of more than 150 temple buldings here at enryakuji, this is the oldest more than 670 years old.
Shakanyorai-zo is enshrined here. In english sometimes called “Buddha tathagata”.

Here we are at Jodo-in or temple of pure land. Which is a very special place because it’s mausoleum of saicho founder of Tendai sect and founder of enryakuji temple.
This is the place which consider the most secret place in all of enryakuji complex.



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